About MC Authorities


With some exceptions, companies that carry passengers or cargo across state lines for compensation must have an Operating Authoirty (also known as an MC Authority).

Upon requesting an MC Authority, companies must get the necessary licensing, insurance and coverage to be approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Once approved, the FMCSA sends the new operating authority a letter through the mail, which serves as a license to allow the carrier to operate.

To allow the carrier to get on the road as soon as a week or two earlier, for a small fee MC Authoirty US gets you your letter instantly!

How It Works

Firstly, do not use this service if you have not been recently approved for an Operating Authority.

By purchasing access to the MC Authority US system, you will be given a login and then asked to enter your DOT Number and confirm your information.

Once you have confirmed your information, you will be given the ability to download an MC letter. At any time you can login and redownload your letter.

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Click Buy Now to sign up for the service. From there you'll be redirected to enter your DOT number and get your MC Letter.


Enter your DOT number and confirm your company's information. You will confirm your company's name, MC Number, city, state, and country.


Once confirmed, your MC Letter will be generated and there will be a button to allow you to download it.


At any time you can login and redownload your form. A reminder that the email for your account is the email you used for your purchase.